What is Global Macro Investor?

Nearly 18 years ago, I began writing Global Macro Investor, an internationally renowned, thought provoking and completely independent research publication for a highly restricted paid membership consisting of many of the worlds largest and most prestigious capital allocators.

At the end of each month, I retire to my home in Little Cayman to write GMI where I lay out my views across 100+ pages of research on everything I am watching in markets. Using a combination of both fundamental and technical analysis paired with the business cycle, the monthly report provides institutional level investors, hedge funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds and high net-worth individuals a framework for understanding the state of global economics and crypto in addition to in-depth analysis and trade recommendations.

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Now, onto the Newsletter…

While Global Macro Investor is one of the most highly regarded research publications in the world and reserved for its paid membership, I thought it time to start sharing bits and pieces of it so that everyone, regardless of financial standing could benefit from this level of research. You can expect a long form article from me the 3rd week of every month highlighting a portion of the original report.

I also encourage you to have a look at Real Vision Pro Macro where you’ll find institutional level analysis, actionable ideas and access to our newest product - The Real Vision Academy. Think of Real Vision Pro Macro as GMI for individuals with the added bonus of daily content, reports and education all bundled into one.

Thanks again for taking the time to subscribe. I look forward to sharing my research and thoughts with you!

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Raoul Pal

Founder/CEO - http://globalmacroinvestor.com and http://realvision.com, Investment Strategist, Economic Historian, Traveller and Rum Drinker..Not a guru.