Some interesting stats there, Raul.

I hear people complaining about how robots and AI will take over their jobs.

What they don't realize is that it's a good thing the "AI robot workers" are coming. Because soon, much sooner than most believe, half the world will be in diapers. A world of old people who need to be taken for, with no one to take care of them.

We're not making nearly enough kids to do the work without the aforementioned silicon help, and we'll need to increase productivity even further. Not only will there be fewer people, but with longer lifespans, there'll be mostly old people.

I think we'll be hella grateful for our new robot friends. ;)

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It would be interesting to view each of these graphs in their GDP per capita version.

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Curious if the US manufacturing GDP chart is inflation adjusted?

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“Current Dollars” - I assume it is.

Love your work, Raoul. I and other millennials appreciate what you’re doing. Keep it up mate

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