Thank you Raoul for sharing it. I’m thankful to your thoughts , time on YouTube and wise guess. Just imagine … thanks to the current technology a simple man anywhere in the world can read your story. He gives you his time as you gave him (and hundreds other like him). He may have a theological question. What about the men who trusted you first time and it was unfortunately the ‚bad’ year? What if he invested too much and lost it? What if he killed himself? What if someone is trying to blame you for his bad choices? These questions are not to put guilty, but to understand if you have such and how to cope them. I had a friend who commited suicide , because nobody had enough time for him. Including me. The reason was a women who decided to leave him and he couldn’t stand the emptyness.

Am I guilty for someone’s decision? I thought a lot about it and my conclussion is that when I/ you do everything from the bottom of your heart, use your brain power and try to figure out the market, stock, crypto, friendship, life etc . In other words - when you give yourself to others and try to help them , sometimes it simply fails, but you know you did at that point of your time the most you could. I call it „deseratio” - within a certiain point of time you give 100% of you with a good intention and it fails - it is nit your fault. Not your guilty. It helps me to stand up and believe that I did outmost, but didnt succeed. Then a new day/year comes and the sun shines again. Bulls are back.You are the master to many, but you are also a men, so I can only say „Thank you for all you do, becasue I see a good will in your thoughts and actions”

Good bless you!

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Our “common heritage”. Never forget that you belong to an economy that allows wealthy people, enjoying first class freedoms, to invest in companies that repeatedly misuse our science, our tax dollars, our highway and healthcare systems, even our sunlight, water, plants, and soils while exploiting our labor, too, all of this only to help sweeten, for instance, a highly addictive drug and package it the into a small, stylish container, then give it a cool name like “Tyson 2.0 Heavy Weight 7000 Puff disposable vape pod system from Mike Tyson” to better guarantee their tobacco industry a new generation of young people dependent on useless products, smoking nicotine every day for the rest of their shortened, lung-crusted lives.

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